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Sharlene MacPhee, Soprano 2, Alto 1

Member since 2017

Retired social worker

Lifetime choir, glee club singer

Sang in operettas and Sweet Adelines

Volunteers with Rotary Club

Provides pet therapy

Hobbies include Sun City Players, travel playing cards, gardening and all aspects of photography

Hails from Prince Edward Isl, Canada


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Gail Madison, Alto 2

Member since xxxx



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Ginni Mutton, Soprano 1

Member since xxxx



Grace Nyland, Soprano 1/2

Member since 2008

Grew up in a large  musical family         and passed this love of music            to her own children

Plays piano and organ and a                    variety of brass instruments

Hails from Chicago, Ill.


Susan Pedersen, Soprano 2/Alto 1

Member since 2018

Rehearsal Transcriptionist


Lifetime choir singer

Avid Ballroom dancer, traveller

Fitness, hiking, walking 

42 years Nuclear Medicine                            Technologist

Hails from Racine, WI

2 Children/6 granddaughters