Bobbi Friend,

First Soprano, Member since 2007

Director at-large

Singing since 14 yrs old

Milwaukee A Capella Choir     

Performed at the Worlds Fair 1964

Former Xray Technician

Admitting  department administrator

Daughter and family live in Israel

Pam Hikinski

Second Alto, Member since 2016

Loves singing, travelling,  dancing

Married 55 years

Has lived all over the world



Terry Johnson, Soprano 2, Alto 1

Masters in Elementary                                        Education/Leadership

Member since 2017

Plays piano

Sings with Westernaires of Sun                       Ciry  West


Mary Lyn Kappert, Soprano 2, Alto 1

B.A., History

B.S. Occupational Therapist

Member since 2016

Active Occupational Therapist

Has worked in adult rehabilitation,           psychiatric and developmentlal         disabilities, education and                 home health

Sang with Sweet Adellines 17 yrs

Loves gardening, baking 

Environmental advocate

Home base in Olympia, WA



Shirlee Lansing, MSW, LICSW Treasurer

Second Alto. Member since 2016

Retired Clinical Social Worker

Accomplished clarinetist

Plays in multiple bands 

Lifetime choir singer

Enjoys makig cards