Joyce Bowlby, President

Second Soprano Member since 2012

Lifetime choir singer

Publicist for Music, Karaoke and                       Idaho Clubs

Avid golfer, traveler, photographer

Cathy Corbin, Soprano 2,

Member since 2019

Assistant Webmaster

MA, Health & Social Services

PhD, Holistic Theology

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator

Plays piano, autoharp

Enjoys Bowling, dance, community               theater

Hails from Omaha, Nebraska

Judy Couvillion, Vice President

Soprano 2, Alto1

Member since 2016

Lifetime singer in many choral groups

Plays piano, clarinet, baritone ukulele

Enjoys Knitting, Bicycling, mahjongg, cards, reading and baking



Lynn Dentel, Registered Nurse

Alto 2

Member since  2015

Lifetime Church choir singer

Plays piano and organ

Weekly volunteer for music                        program at Rock Creek                        Memory Care

Hails from Iowa

Maura Faille, MBA, B.S. Mensa

Major in Biology/Chemistry with

           minors in art/music (voice),

Soprano 1/2, Member since 2018

Music Librarian

Sonoran Sounds Webmaster

Retired IBM Exec Consultant

Lifetime choir singer, high school/college

        choruses and  a capellla groups

Bowler, Quilter, Crossword Puzzle